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I hope you enjoy reading the reviews below.  If you have written a book which you would like to be considered for a review, feel free to submit a review request for everything from picture books for toddlers to graphic novels meant for tweens and teens.  As long as each page has illustrations, I will consider reviewing it. 

I really prefer trading book reviews with other authors (because after all, I would like for people to find my books on other sites, too, but as long as your children’s book may be found on Amazon, I will consider reviewing it here without a book review trade.   

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The Adventures of Monte – Monte Travels the Rainforest

By D.J. Thomas


Flying foxes, Chimpanzees and Cobras – Oh My!


I bet you never knew that Monsters love adventures, too!  Monte, the Monster sure does and he is a fantastic rainforest tour guide.  This clever little monster travels through forests and along river banks encountering many of Africa’s residents, snapping all of their pics along the way.


Following Monte in this adventure, your child will learn how elephants control their body temperatures with their large thin ears and that crocodiles can run as fast as 28 miles per hour.  They will be introduced to birds with rainbow feathers and foxes with wings!  The bright colorful pictures adorning this book, by various talented photographers, are absolutely stunning.


Monte Travels the Rainforest book is filled with fun and interesting facts about over 20 critters that live in and around the African rainforests.  You child will have a ball learning about all of these diverse creatures from this little travelling Monster.


The author offers 2 free activities for your child as a thank you for purchasing the kindle ebook.  You’ll enjoy the photos by Tambako The Jaguar, Francesco Veronesi, Jeff Kubina, Eric Kilby, Rene Mensen, Dr. Anand Titus, Vicki Burton, Christian Baltrusch, Kevin Enge and Danel Solabarrieta.



The Best Place To Find A Helping Hand Is On The End Of Your Own Arm.  Help Yourself Learn To Publish Your Book Today.

Adventures Of A Mad Sixth Grader: Frank "n" Asian Man


Legend of the Blue Unicorn Graphic Novel by Sybrina Durant and Britt BrundigeDorp The Scottish Dragon In A Lone Star Story by Sandi Johnson and Sybrina Durant




Keeping Chelsea's Secret Historical Regency Romance Novel by Gina Rose and published by Sybrina DurantKeeping Chelsea's Secret Historical Regency Romance Novel by Gina Rose and published by Sybrina Durant

By Stephen Zanzucchi and Illustrated by Adam Zanzucchi


Wow...never thought I'd meet the great-great-great grandson of Dr. Frankenstein in a book! This kid, Frank, is the real deal. He's inherited all of the imaginative and scientific thought processes of his long gone relative. Enough, in fact, to give life to his very own monster, Ping, who he hopes will save him from being bullied at school. This book is truly "electrifying", pun intended. There are lots of lessons woven throughout but the best one is that Frank learns the value of true friendship. Young boys will love the humorous adventures of this young Frankenstein.




Mystery of the Alligator Swamp

By M. J. Cyrus


I love stories where the animals are anthropomorphized; in other words given human characteristics.  Not since the days when Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer bounced upon the scene, have we been introduced to more exciting characters from the Deer genus.   Chief Inspector Bo Deerson of the Deerland Protection Department is called to action when a young buck disappears in “Off Season”.   Before that the population of Deerland had already been reduced by 20% in less than a month!  Something had to be done and the Chief was just the deer to do it.  This is a great adventure read for youngsters.  They will learn a lot about wildlife and will enjoy the bold and striking illustrations that accompany the story.




Hi, My Name Is Bobo

By James Gordon


James is not a typical 5th grader.  This boy’s a real thinker.  Wondering if God’s gonna get mad for this reason or that and why adults can do things that kids are told not to….  His life is one of rituals – dinner with the family, just like the white kids on t.v.; watching great t.v. shows like Love Boat and Fantasy Island; and playing Monopoly while listening to Marvin Gaye, Teena Marie and the Bee Gees.  It’s also got some grand adventure like riding on the Metra to see the movies… and exposing his heart to the love of his life in a letter.   The colored photos from James’ childhood, sprinkled throughout the pages, bring the characters into the room with you.  This is a heartwarming look into the lives to two brothers who talk each other out of being scared when need be and who push each other really hard when it comes to everything.  There’s a lot of love in that family and reading about it makes you smile with every word.




The Legend of Wally Gonkers

By Matthew Lorentzen (R.R. Howroar) and Illustrated by Tiffany England


This book takes place in a fanciful landscape of lemon meringue rocks made by a magical pieman and scattered about by thought thunking robots!  The main character, Wally, invents a sport which involves throwing golden goo balls at hoops positioned at the tops of those very tall mountainous rocks.  The players all wear helmets which allow them to bounce on their heads from one hill to another!  The winner - being the player who manages to bounce off all 300 hills.  The prize – to sit with the king and drink the ruby tears of a dragon -  an elixir for living a long healthy life. 


All of the Konkers and Bonkers loved this game but no matter how many played, it was always Wally, who made it the farthest…all the way to hill 299.  Sadly, no one ever made it to the last hill.  Without the ruby tears of the dragon, Wally grew older and more feeble.  Depression overcame him when he realized he was no longer able to make the long jumps.  He retired from the game but it went on without him, though for 30 more years, no one ever won.  This disturbed the king, who wanted to see someone win.  He was certain that with the elixir, Wally would be able to do so.  Wally, being an honorable fellow, refused to cheat with the elixir but he did want to get back into the game for one more try as he had come up with an idea for winning.  The king agreed to let him try.  And what happened is magical.


This is a story about not giving up.  It is also a story about using you head (for something other than bonking) and about accepting help from others when they offer it to you.  Children will love the fun, rhyming verse by R.R. Howroar and the fantastic imagery by Tiffany England. Both author and illustrator have worked seamlessly together to create a fantastic blend of grit and wit and creativity.




Rumpelstiltskin’s Child

By Bonnie Ferrante


This book portrays the part of the fairy tale that many may wish had been written a long time ago.  It paints the impish little man in a much more positive light than he was characterized in the short story written by the Brothers Grimm.  Thankfully, in this new improved version, along with his magical skills, he is possessed of a much more peaceful personality.  The Rumpelstiltskin who tore himself apart in a rage at the end of that old tale does not exist in this one.


Rumply, as he is known to the people in his village is a thoughtful and kind soul.  Unfortunately, no one but the children are truly aware of this.  The adults, in their greed for the gold that Rumpelstiltskin is able to enrich their lives with through his spinning, treat him callously and are most unkind. With little hope for happiness there, the forsaken man leaves the village, heartbroken.


As in the original fairy tale, he meets a young woman who is doomed to die if she cannot turn a pile of straw into gold before morning.  He spins the gold for her, requesting her first born child as payment.   After the child is born and withheld from him, rather than stamping his feet and tearing himself apart, events conspire to send him back to the village where he grew up.  Back there, his world so drastically changes that it will put a lump in your throat and joy in your heart.


Bonnie’s use of bright colours and gold etchings and borders evoke the feel of elaborate fairy tale illustrations from the days of the original story.  This is a great little story to read aloud and then to contemplate answers to questions like “How does exclusion change people” and “Why is forgiveness important”.  I’m all for books with positive messages and this one has plenty.




Your Special Space

By Sagit Cohen and Illustrated by Mahfuja Selim


Hey Moms…Do you remember how excited you were when you were awaiting the arrival of your newborn? There was so much to think about and so much to do. You experienced extreme joy and wonder. You were filled with so many questions and just a little bit of fear of the unknown. But most of all you wanted to do everything possible to assure your coming child of your deepest love. All mothers know the best way to do that is to make sure they provide special spaces for their child from their own womb to their baby’s new bedroom.


This sweet picture book will evoke fond memories in mothers of older children of their own experiences while preparing for their baby to enter the world. It will also give expectant mothers the perfect opportunity to share a little bit of their own pregnancy journey with older siblings who are about to become big brothers or sisters.


"Your Special Space" is a highly recommended story time read for parents with children from 18 months to 4 or 5 years old. Children will enjoy Mahfuja Selim’s cute simple illustrations that are skillfully presented in bold primary colors throughout the book.

The author, Sagit Cohen even offers a free fun creative kit for your kid with each purchase of the Kindle Book. To access it, just click the link in the ebook and enter your email address.



A Letter To My Grandchild from The Grandmother Tells Series

By Orly Assa and Illustrated by Mentol


I must say I can absolutely relate to the grandmother in this book who is awaiting her first grandchild. I think most other grandmothers will see something of themselves in her, too.  While not every Nana or Mimi or Grammy will write songs and poems about their special little boy or girl, I sure did for each of mine, so I know exactly how that feels.


The overwhelming love you experience for grandchildren causes you to want to do more and be more for them than you managed to be for your own children…even if you were the perfect parent.  This book faultlessly expresses that sentiment.  So put your little one on your lap and read this book before their nap.  They will love to hear your voice as you read Orly Assa’s simple prose and they will enjoy the sweet pictures by the illustrator, Mentol.


"A Letter To My Grandchild" will be enjoyed most when read by  grandparents to their loved ones who are from 18 months to 4 or 5 years old.



The Defeat of Yamboo the Closet Monster

By Alma J. Wilson and Illustrated by Lewis James Art 


Who hasn’t known a child who didn’t see or hear monsters in their bedroom at night?  I can remember when my daughter was very young, she saw the characters from the mural on her wall reaching out menacingly to touch her.  She was so anxious; I ended up having to paint over the entire work of art to assuage her fears.  In later years, I’ve heard of parents using monster spray to remove monsters from their children’s rooms before bedtime.  I’m sure many others have resorted to quite a few resourceful ways to do so.


That’s why I love this little book.  A very imaginative child, Kevin sees things when alone that others can’t.  His closet monster is a very scary red and black snaky thing that snaps its jaws and growls ominously and even yells, “Booooooo!!!!!”.  Kevin must remain alert or Yamboo might eat him.


As presented in the story, we see that in the end it is usually up to the child to use their own creativity in a positive way (in this case via Cornelius, a Fairy Guard) to overcome the fears they have of their own Yamboo, closet monster creations.


Parents who read this book to their fearful children who can’t sleep because they’re afraid of monsters, will help soothe them into realizing that monsters can be defeated.  This story gives parents and children a perfect opportunity to conquer fear of the dark or of the unknown or of being alone.  It shows that imagination can be the best weapon for overcoming fear of any kind.




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