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Learn To Tie A Tie With

The Rabbit And The Fox

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Sybrina Durant encourages parents and children to make a game of learning a seemingly complicated manual skill…how to tie a necktie.

Her storybook, “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox”, teaches the art of tying a knot in a necktie in a fun and simple manner that builds confidence and self esteem in even the very youngest.  A simple web search will discover books, articles and even videos for learning to tie a tie.  But there was nothing geared specifically towards children until this book with its disneyesque artwork and companion step by step illustrations by Donna Marie Naval became available.  It even has a short little song to make sure all the steps for tying a school boy knot are never forgotten.  “That’s the way you tie a tie with rabbit and the fox” is sure to become a fondly remembered nursery rhyme for your children and theirs for generations to come.  It may be heard for free at in English, Spanish and Tagalog….Read More

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National Necktie Day is October 18th, Tie One on to Celebrate

October 18th is indeed national necktie day.  O.K., maybe not in the U.S. but they’ve officially celebrated the invention of the necktie (or Cravat) in Croatia since 2008, as a means of fostering national pride among their citizens. Croatians believe their mercenary soldiers, in the 1600’s, ushered in the style of wearing ornamental neckwear among Europeans.  They did wear some stunning bright red neckwear into battle as a ploy to psyche out their enemies. 

This led the French sun king, Louis XIV, to begin wearing a lacy cravat at the ripe old age of 7. Soon, his countrymen fell in love with the idea of neckties. The British, then, took to the fashion and ran with it.  It was the English love for brandishing cloth ties about their necks that ultimately spread the trend around the globe, even to the New World.  American necks of every persuasion, from gentleman to common man, were soon adorned with the neckwear.  Many still are today.  ….Read More

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Lightning Releases

New Storybook Opens New Doors For Child Learning And Family Fun

Sybrina Durant is an inventive author, who understands children and what they enjoy.  “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox”, is the recent book by the author who is igniting excitement in families worldwide, with a simple little book that is helping children learn a sometimes tough lesson. 

The book is based around the endearing tale of a rabbit and a hungry fox. The illustrated new story melds generations past, with a story of new found freedom and flavor.  “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox”, is the careening adventure of these two characters, set to a lively and memorable instructional song, that offers a simple and fun way of learning to tie the “school boy” style knot, so many kids struggle to learn.  ….Read More


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Author, Sybrina Durant’s Pinterest Board Generates New Excitement For Teaching A Child To Tie A Necktie

For those who may believe that wearing a tie is becoming obsolete, take a look at the Pinterest board Sybrina Durant has created for her book, Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox. It contains hundreds of delightful images of children wearing neckties and provides positive proof that parents are loving the look of dapper little boys. There’s no easier way to teach boys, and their parents, to attain that look, than with this adorable, educational story that illustrates how to tie a tie in a way that even a young child can understand. With this lovely children’s book, not only will a child learn to tie a tie, but parent’s can get a refresher as well. ….Read More


Book Trailer—Tie a Tie

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Sybrina Durant offers a unique gift for ring bearers, page boys and all the other boys in a wedding party.

If a child has mastered the tricky task of tying their shoe laces, they’re ready to have fun learning to tie a tie with the rabbit and the fox.  This book, with disneyesque artwork by Donna Marie Naval, is based on the age old tale of a very hungry fox chasing a frightened little rabbit through the forest in pursuit of dinner!  The book details a careening adventure of these two characters and offers a simple and fun way for learning to tie a "school boy" style knot in a necktie.   ….Read More


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The Legend of the Blue Unicorn is a children’s story about a tribe of 11 magical unicorns and one plain blue one.  Click the links above to purchase the print or ebook.   Join Blue on his adventure to save his tribe from the unicorn eating Manticore and gain his own magic along the way.


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Keeping Chelsea's Secret Historical Regency Romance Novel by Gina Rose and published by Sybrina DurantKeeping Chelsea's Secret Historical Regency Romance Novel by Gina Rose and published by Sybrina Durant

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