New Book Teaches Boys To Tie A Tie


Nothing makes a “little man” feel biggerthan being able to tie his own tie
Worldwide 14 March 2013 – “Learn to Tie a Tie with the Rabbit & the Fox,” by Sybrina Durant, is a book designed to help young boys learn to tie their own tie through fun, song and humour. This wonderful book is available in English, Spanish and Tagalog, and make a perfect gift. It even comes with an instructional song to help your little man remember it easier.
Most men remember how old they were when they learned to tie a “man’s tie” for the first time. It is usually done through a lot of coaching by Dad or Mum and lots trial and error.
Gift book for small boys going to church or school!

Learning to tie a tie is easy the Rabbit and the Fox. As the Fox chases the Rabbit, a boy learns to tie his own tie. Getting dressed that day is sure to end with a little person bounding into the room in a shirt and tie, yelling, “I did it. I did by myself.”

Tie a Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox
(song lyrics, excerpt)
Rabbit and the fox,
Rabbit and the fox,
Sing along to tie a tie with Rabbit and the Fox
This is the perfect book to give as gift to a son or grandson. He can be ready for his first day in his school uniform. It’s also perfect for graduation from early grades, as a wonderful way to say, “You’re growing up so big.”
If your little man is left-handed, it can sometimes be very difficult to learn to tie a tie from a right-handed parent. The Rabbit and the Fox can teach every boy to tie his tie, regardless of which side he begins on.

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