Ties Are Back And Not Just For Business – By Douglas Siclari


Ties can add personality to any boy’s attire

If one looks at the fashion industry one will see that there are more and more ties coming into the mix. This is a great thing for the tie industry as the market has expanded from the grown business man to the younger crowd and even boy’s clothing. Because of this the designs as well as the way that the ties are worn has grown in its variety. No longer are ties considered just something to wear to the office or to a business interview. Now, ties bring a statement forward about the personality of the individual wearing them. Where it is true that the tie has a place of dominance in the formal and upscale events division of our lives, ties can serve as a day to day accessory to a shirt regardless of the events planned for the day.

Ties have always given a sense of class to the individual wearing them. The black tie on a white shirt is a classic look that screams elegance. However, for a boy this is probably not a look that will be most favored. Blues and patterns are in and make a much more unique look than the common colored tie. If the boy does not like the traditional silk make of a tie then he can go with a new material such as the woven tie (which is growing in popularity). A boy can even sport his favorite comic book hero in his attire and look sharp doing it.

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