Troublesome Boy? Tie Him Up – By Wes Mitchell


Is there anything cuter than a little boy in a tie?


Picture a little boy running around causing a ruckus. This little hellion is set on causing mischief and destruction everywhere he goes. Most people wince at the very thought.

Now picture that same little boy sporting a big smile, a nice vest, and a necktie!

All of a sudden he’s transformed from a mischief maker into a ladykiller! Everybody in the room swoons over his adorable disposition and his classy appearance.

The older ladies want to smother him with kisses that leave large lipstick imprints on his cheeks.

The younger women want a boy just like him.

And the little girls in the room blush every time he turns their way.

The boy in the tie could be running around causing just as much of a ruckus, but he’s going to be labeled differently than the boy who isn’t tied up.


Because he’s one classy little dude.

People like classy dudes.

There’s something to be said for dressing nicely and sporting a tie. It elevates confidence, inspires others, and often dictates respect.

Giving a child this gift of confidence and self-respect at a young age is priceless.

Tying a tie is an often underrated skill that most boys do not learn until adulthood. Many boys don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear ties, and thus they don’t learn how to properly tie them until 30 minutes before a big meeting at their first job.

That usually ends with a poorly tied tie, and a terrible first impression.

This is a problem that a new children’s book, Learn to Tie a Tie With the Rabbit and the Fox by Sybrina Durant, hopes to solve. This book makes learning the art of tying a tie fun and engaging for every little man in your life.

Sybrina has crafted an awesome and well-illustrated story and song about a rabbit and a fox that teaches a child how to easily tie a schoolboy knot. The book is available on Amazon, and it has been translated into three different languages (English, Spanish, and Tagalog) for boys around the world.

This book will be a wonderful addition to any boy’s bookshelf. It also makes a great Father’s Day gift for a dad to read and teach to his son.

A little boy in a tie can get away with anything!

He’s the little guy that can stick his finger in the frosting of an uncut wedding cake and be called cute.

He’s the little guy that can bring mom breakfast in bed, when breakfast is a loosely interpreted pile of burnt toast, runny eggs, and watered down orange juice.

He’s the little guy that can stick his tongue out at grandma, and suffer only a pinched cheek and a look of adoration.

If you want to do a little man a favor, grab this book and tie him up!

Article by Wes Mitchell

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