Never Too Early To Learn How To Tie A Tie


When do you think most men start sporting neck ties? Perhaps when they start going on dates? When they get married? Maybe even at their high school prom? Situations and opportunities present themselves all the time where boys and men want to or need to wear a neck tie. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that more and more boys are being presented with an opportunity or occasion where wearing a neck tie would be extremely appropriate.

Now, how many fully grown men do you think actually know how to tie a neck tie? Most people are surprised to learn that most surveys indicate that only 50 to 60 percent of the male population knows how to tie a neck tie. In fact, most men prefer to wear clip-on neckties or bowties because they are easier or more convenient. They claim that tying a neck tie is frustrating and time consuming. Even some professional businessmen prefer to use bowties or clip-ons. Some of them even opt for having someone else prepare their neckties for them.

There is nothing more frustrating that getting invited to a business attire event as a preteen or teenager, being told you have to wear a neck tie, and having no idea how to tie it. What makes matters more frustrating is when you are being raised by a single mother or perhaps a mother and father that have no idea how to tie a neck tie. What is a boy supposed to do when they do not have any friends or family members that know how to tie a neck tie, but they need to wear one? What about when a man reaches adulthood and lands a job that requires wearing neckties, but never learned how to tie them?

The unfortunate truth is that not everyone turns to clips on bowties because they are lazy. They turn to them because no one ever took the time to show them the art of tying a neck tie. What if tying a neck tie didn’t have to be such a frustrating or defeating task?

It is common knowledge that the brain of a child is a lot like a sponge. It soaks up information and knowledge a lot easier than the brain of an adult. This is why it is easier for children to learn how to read, write, and speak other languages than it would be for an adult. For this reason it can be extremely beneficial for boys to learn how to tie a tie when they are still very young. In fact, some people think that there is nothing wrong with teaching a child how to tie a neck tie while you are teaching them how to tie their shoes. After all, it is the same general concept right?

Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox may be just what a parent needs to teach their little boys how to tie a neck tie. It is an adorable, educational, and cute story that illustrates how to tie a tie in a way that young boys can understand. It breaks down a useful concept that some grown men have trouble grasping into a fun exciting story that boys of all ages understand. This is a family activity book that is intended to be fun for both the parents and the child. The book breaks the process of tying a neck tie down in such a way that even the young boys are able to master it quickly. The book even comes with a fun instructional song that boys of all ages really seem to enjoy.

Benefits of Wearing a Tie

To be fair, most little boys wear neck ties for picture days or family reunions. But, there is certainly nothing wrong with being able to tell people that your son knows how to tie a neck tie. When your son reaches adulthood there are a number of different benefits he can reap simply by wearing a neck tie. Some of these benefits include:

·         Ties frame the face and draw attention to it.

·         Ties can be very slimming.

·         Ties can be the focal point of an outfit.

·         Individuals who wear ties are perceived as serious and professional.

·         Women tend to find men in ties to be more attractive.

Now, these benefits may not matter to the mother of a five year old, a ten year old, or even a fifteen year old. But, when your son enters adulthood, he is really going to appreciate that you took the time to make sure that he did not have to go through life not knowing how to tie a neck tie.

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Article by Trisha

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