Guest Blog by Shelly Wyatt


Guest Blog by Shelly Wyatt

This is a book that should be on everyone’s shelf. Especially if you have boys that need to learn how to tie a tie. This book affords so many wonderful learning and bonding opportunities for both the child and the parent! I know that for many people the art of tying a tie is all but dead, it shouldn’t be. You never know when this knowledge will come in handy. In today’s society we have become lax in our dress code, I believe in comfort, but I also believe in dressing for success. This book helps to teach that also.

Teach your child from a young age… not only will this book teach the art of tie tying, but it will teach persistence, independence, and manual dexterity. Your child will love the little adventure the rabbit and the fox go on, the rabbit runs through the woods to escape the hungry fox, and the chase mimics the motion of tying a tie. This is a brilliant idea! The author of this book uses Mnemonics to teach, this helps the child to learn by associating the motions of tie tying with words, phrases, or sentences that have been designed to help you remember.

Have fun with your child, learn together! This is an enchanting and well thought out book filled with exceptional illustrations. Learn to Tie a Tie with The Rabbit and The Fox makes it easy for even the youngest child master the art of tying a tie. I have spent many years working with young children, and this book is very easy to use and understand.

I wish we had this book years ago when I worked at a daycare. It would have been an amazing tool for mastering manual dexterity. Learning to Tie a Tie with The Rabbit and The Fox uses illustrations to get the point across, with few words. Books are excellent teachers; they do not always need to rely on words to get their point across. The rabbit and the fox help to teach the basic “school boy knot” in a way that makes learning fun. Learning to Tie a Tie with The Rabbit and the Fox is available at Amazon. com, don’t miss it!

Shelly Wyatt

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