Sybrina’s Review of “A Letter To My Grandchild from The Grandmother Tells Series” Written by: Orly Assa and Illustrated by Mentol

I must say I can absolutely relate to the grandmother in this book who is awaiting her first grandchild. I think most other grandmothers will see something of themselves in her, too. While not every Nana or Mimi or Grammy will write songs and poems about their special little boy or girl, I sure did for each of mine, so I know exactly how that feels.
The overwhelming love you experience for grandchildren causes you to want to do more and be more for them than you managed to be for your own children…even if you were the perfect parent. This book faultlessly expresses that sentiment. So put your little one on your lap and read this book before their nap. They will love to hear your voice as you read Orly Assa’s simple prose and they will enjoy the sweet pictures by the illustrator, Mentol.
“A Letter To My Grandchild” will be enjoyed most when read by grandparents to their loved ones who are from 18 months to 4 or 5 years old.

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