Midwest Book Review – 1,2,3 Count With Me

Children will be delighted to find an entertaining way to help learn to count to ten. From page one the beautifully illustrated pictures will call out to your child to want to learn to say their numbers. I found this book to be a wonderful learning tool. I can easily see how it could benefit any child who is in that crucial learning stage of learning how to count.

What I also found unique about this book is not only does it focus on learning to count from one to ten, but it also offers the ability to count backwards from ten to one. As an experienced reviewer of children’s books I can attest that this is not the normal thing that you would find in a children’s counting book.

Sybrina Durant has done a magnificent job in her creation of 123 COUNT WITH ME: FUN WITH NUMBERS AND ANIMALS. I found that the beautiful pictures made the learning process a complete job. I highly recommend this book to any young person who is embarking on the journey of learning to count.


This review may be found on Suzie’s Bookshelf on Midwest Book Reviews

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