Unicorn Book Feature – Zimmah Chronicles by Scott King

Unicorn Book Feature

Zimmah Chronicles 

Book Two: Mermaids vs Unicorns

 By Scott King

Mermaids & Unicorns Are At War!

Zimmah, the wicked djinn, thought he was so smart. He thought nothing could stop him, let alone a mere child. That was until he met Whitney, a devilish girl who uses his own powers against him.
A wish gone wrong sends Zimmah, Whitney, and Karim to The Otherworld, a magical land where Mermaids and Unicorns are caught in an epic war. All Whitney wants is to save her sick mother, all Karim wants is to get home, and all Zimmah wants is revenge on the children who have tricked him.
If you like epic coming-of-age adventure stories that teach important life lessons in the wackiest, most delightful of ways, then you’ll love every page of Scott King’s Mermaids vs. Unicorns.

Start the unpredictable adventure today! 

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Zimmah Chronicles

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