Unicorn Book Feature – I Crashed Into A Unicorn by Kasie Jeon

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Unicorns!  How we love them. . .Luckily for all of us unicorn lovers there are hundreds of unicorn books available for all age groups.  I have gathered information about as many as I can find and have placed them here for you in one convenient spot on my blog.  Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is

I Crashed Into A Unicorn
A Novella

 By Kasie Jeon

One high school girl.

One unicorn prince.

One car crash.

All Bailey Kim wants is to wrap up her junior year with as few incidents as possible. She has almost made it through a year at a new school peacefully by keeping a low profile. She likes having her small circle of friends and not getting caught up in drama. Her entire focus is making it to summer vacation when she will be able to relax for a few months before tackling senior year.

The universe has different plans.

What should have been a routine drive home from her job ends up morphing into the catalyst for a chain of strange events. Events that will definitely ruin Bailey’s hopes of having a quiet end of school year. She is stuck with one distrusting unicorn prince, Yujin, who refuses to leave and claims to be powerless because of her. Hiding a person’s presence in her home, especially a male presence, from her mother’s notice will become another challenge she must deal with on top of school.

As Bailey and Yujin forge a wary alliance, a bounty hunting duo known for their ruthlessness appear. The bounty hunters, Ophelia and Laertes, intend to establish a black market of talismans they have violently procured from all magical creatures except one. The unicorn. And while hiding Yujin’s presence from her mother is difficult, hiding him from two highly skilled bounty hunters is impossible.

Not one to believe anything in the occult, Bailey has a hard time accepting that her life has been drastically upended. Until she becomes the source of a dormant power of her own. One that might help her get through the chaos and give her a fighting a chance at normalcy again.

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