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Unicorn Book Feature – Stalking The Unicorn by Mike Resnick


Sybrina’s Unicorn Book Pick

Unicorns!  How we love them. . .Luckily for all of us unicorn lovers there are hundreds of unicorn books available for all age groups.  I have gathered information about as many as I can find and have placed them here for you in one convenient spot on my blog.  Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is
Stalking The Unicorn

 By Mike Resnick

Detective John Justin Mallory finds himself in an alternate Manhattan, one filled with goblins and elves and leprechauns — and an incredibly valuable unicorn that must be found before sunrise or his client’s life is forfeit. Along the way he picks up a partner and a very unique cat. This is the first of the three Eohn Justin Mallory novels (the othes are Stalking the Vampire and Stalking the Dragon). First published in 1987, this was an urban fantasy novel before there -were- urban fantasy novels.

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