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By John P. Adamo


An instant classic tale portraying the life of “Amiranda,”an innocent
and brave princess, who unwittingly sets out on a quest that will
ultimately determine the fate of her entire kingdom.

From her castle window, Amiranda would gaze at the beautiful
countryside below-always watching carefully, always observing
everything. Gradually the princess realizes that she knows very little
of the small kingdom over which she would one day reign.

Amiranda would never disobey her father’s wishes, especially the one to
never enter the mysterious dark forest, which borders their kingdom.
That is, until one day when she would have no other choice.

Amiranda will take a journey that will lead her on a wild adventure,
where the decisions she makes will determine the fate of many lives-the
lives of her animal friends, her family members, those who dwell in her
kingdom, and her very own life as well. Travel along on this trip where
Princess Amiranda hopes to find the missing piece in her existence and
ends up trying to achieve the impossible….

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The concept of “Amiranda: Princess Amiranda and the Tale of the Deciduous Forest” 
by John Adamo
     It seems that almost every young girl dreams of being a princess one day… to live in the lap of luxury, to have everything and anything anyone could ever want at their leisure, and to have helpers take care of everyday menial tasks such as cooking, cleaning and other household chores. That is almost everyone, except for Amiranda.  
     Amiranda is a young princess who is bound to a life of noble aristocracy to which one day she will be head of her kingdom… a kingdom she doesn’t really know much of.  After all, Amiranda is not like other children who can go out and play with others, do what they want to at their own leisure, or make choices to what they feel is best for them (right or wrong)… as that is all her parent’s strict and decisive doing.  Amiranda’s entire destiny is pre-determined… which is, after all, the biggest part of being a noble.         
     In writing “Amiranda,” I wanted to tell the tale of a young girl who ventures out into the world on her own for the very first time… and for the first time in her life has to make numerous decisions that will not only determine her own fate, but the fate of other ones she so desperately loves.  She has no idea what the outside world is like, how people are like, or what true evil is like.  That is where the “Deciduous Forest” comes in… a mystical place where anything can happen… and where goodness lives high on the tips of the leaves just beneath the sunlight and evil lurks deep within the dark shadows hidden from plain sight.  
     I chose the word “deciduous” for numerous reasons… most obvious being that the tale is based on the numerous difficult “decisions” Amiranda must face.  The other is because as season’s change, leaves change, the outside appearance of the world changes, and life inevitably changes. The direct translation of the word “deciduous” is “falling off at maturity,” and this is what Amiranda represents… a young girl who is destined to be a princess, but first must find her own true way in the process of becoming her own true self.  
     Lastly, the butterfly at the beginning of the novel is so much like Amiranda herself… not realizing its own true inner beauty, very humble and very naïve as to not flaunt its own magnificence before others.  Throughout the novel I wanted to paint the image of “Amiranda” as the personification of everything that is wholesome, light and pure; who in turn must face the hostility of evilness that hides deep within the outside world, yet still remain determined and unchanged by outside dark forces which inevitably and ultimately try hard to dissuade her (and perhaps even destroy her).  Amiranda is destined to be a princess, the best ruler ever for her kingdom; if only she listens to her parents and stays out of the mysterious dark forest she unwittingly has to enter.
Originally from Newport Beach, California, C. R. Stewart has twenty
years of experience writing fiction, nonfiction, and movie screenplays.
His areas of expertise also includes film and media production, global
strategy, and international marketing.
Britfield & The Lost Crown was conceived as an idea
over 10 years ago while I was enduring a boring finance seminar. It
started as a sketch of a hot air balloon with a young boy and girl
trapped inside. From this simple drawing sprang the entire concept and
story for Britfield.”
C.R. Stewart received a Bachelor of Arts in British Literature and
European History from Brown University; did post- graduate work at
Harvard University; earned an MBA from Boston College; and is pursuing a
Master of Science in Advanced Management and a PhD in Strategy.
Now based in San Diego, C.R. Stewart is a strong supporter of
education and the arts. He enjoys world travel, reading, riding,
swimming, sailing, tennis, and is currently on a National School Book
Tour with Britfield & The Lost Crown speaking to students on the importance of creativity!



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