Teen Unicorn Book Feature – Beyond the Khrysalis by Naya H Jones

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 Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is

Beyond The Krysalis

 By Naya H. Jones

“Wing my spirit with the feathers of a golden bird that I may soar and flee this broken world,” Princess Ravin whispered to night sky. She sat on her bed watching the golden nightingale flying frantically around its gilded cage.
“I’m stuck in a prison just like you except my cage is a crystal palace.” She curled into a ball on her towering bed stacked high with feather mattresses soaring up, up, up to the crystal palace’s ceiling….
Beyond the Khrysalis is an enchanting tale of Princess Ravin’s magical journey into the dark world of Khrysalis Fiber. Is it the wonders of this mysterious new world beckoning to her, or something truly evil calling her to her death? Ravin follows ancient paths, battling dragons, sharing magic with the fairies of Will-O-Myst, uniting with a crystal unicorn, Quazar, and her pegasus mate, Jaguar. Ravin’s “fantastical” journey results in an end that truly becomes her magical beginning.
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Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

 Reader Review

By laurathomas61


Having such a love for the wonder of unicorns it was an easy choice to read this book. Magical unicorns with metal horns. All shapes and sizes. And one unicorn, Blue, who has no magic, but is supposed to be the savior for the tribe. Sounds like a grand adventure to me.And it was. Filled with lots of beautiful illustrations portraying many of the fantastical beings that roam these lands, it kept me enthralled. However, it had some dark moments that caught me by surprise. Going in thinking this was for younger readers, some scenes of death and danger now have me thinking this would better fit older teens and young adults.This well written fantasy has plenty of intriguing characters and plenty of action, with some doses of peril that will keep you reading and crossing your fingers for a happy ending. I sure enjoyed it and would love to read more about Blue, his friends, and this magical world.
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