Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature – The Unicorn the Princess and the Boy by Ed Wicke

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 Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is

The Unicorn, The Princess and the Boy

 By Ed Wicke

In this book you will find:
* A Unicorn who is very annoyed to find himself stuck in a zoo. He is playing tricks on the visitors while plotting his escape.
* A Princess who is planning to ride the Unicorn on her tenth birthday. She wants to escape too: from her bossy Governess, her guards, her tutor – and from mathematics.
* A scruffy Boy who looks after the Unicorn and is cheeky to pretty much everyone, but especially to the Princess.
* A lot of exciting or wickedly funny things you weren’t expecting to happen!
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Unicorns!  How we love them. . .Luckily for all of us unicorn lovers there are hundreds of unicorn books available for all age groups.  I have gathered information about as many as I can find and have placed them here for you on my blog.You can also find hundreds more for all ages at Sybrina’s Blue Unicorn Book Store.

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Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

 Reader Review

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ FavoriteJourney to Osm: The Blue Unicorn’s Tale is a work of high fantasy fiction penned by author Sybrina Durant. Written for all ages, the action takes place in MarBryn, a world of unicorns where the creatures live in a sentient society. Their numbers are dwindling and the species, known as Metal Horns, are slowly dying out, which means their magic is dying with them. When their Oracle predicts that the ill-fated unicorns might find their salvation in a newborn foal, everyone’s eyes are on Blue from the moment he’s born. Unfortunately, Blue is born without metal, but the pressure of being such a disappointment drives him to succeed in other ways, and he might just turn out to be the saviour his clan is looking for after all.

The first thing that I absolutely loved about this tale was the prophecy-gone-wrong concept at its very beginning. Throughout the book, author Sybrina Durant subverts the norms of this kind of high fantasy, breaking many tropes, but then bringing in others to surprise you at just the right moment. The result is an intriguing plot line and a tale of true grit and determination as Blue attempts to live up to expectations, despite not being born with the powers he was claimed to have. There were moments where I genuinely forgot that I was reading about unicorns, because the emotional story lines of the characters were strong and relatable throughout. I believe that many fantasy fans will enjoy Journey to Osm: The Blue Unicorn’s Tale.

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