Tween Unicorn Book Feature – Dad’s Pants by Alan Riehl

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 Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is

Myth Catchers Book 1

Dad’s Pants

 By Alan Riehl

It is a Children’s/Tween Fiction Novel about a troubled young boy named Curtis Armstrong who misses his father so much that he hangs on to the only thing left to remind him of his dad. A pair of jeans.
His adventures are just beginning as he, his mother, and sister travel to Myth, NM where he begins a new semester of school. It is also the place where he meets his arch enemy and develops a hatred for anything with a single horn.
Is it the maiden voyage of his imagination that sets things in motion, or is there really something going on that he can’t explain?
This is the first book in a series that will delve into Curtis’ experiences with the wonderful and sometimes scary things that he catches with his father’s pants. Watch as the story slowly unravels with surprises at every turn.
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Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

 Reader Review

Journey to Osm is a beautifully written tale of a herd of unicorns waiting on their prophesied savior to be born. He will be the one with the horn and the magic to save them all from the evil who wishes to destroy them all and enslave the world. The author builds such a beautiful world in this story. We meet unicorns, pendragons, two-leggeds (humans) and other strange creatures. This story tells the reader about young Blue who is made to not feel as if he belongs simply because his horn is not metal when he is born. “No metal. No magic.” You will feel the sadness that he feels as he seeks to hide from the herd and learn the extent of loss that they have all suffered at the hands of an evil man who seeks more and more power.
The story flows so well and kept me engaged the entire time. I kept turning page after page to learn what was going to happen next. There are moments of where I am annoyed or disappointed with certain characters, but for me, it helps make them even more “real” or at least relatable as believable characters. I love the romance that the author throws into the story. You see it coming when you learn of Blue’s stable-mate and how they came to be so close. It’s heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time.

There is nothing that I don’t like about this story. The author never becomes too focused on one particular part. The story flows well and keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. I love the twists and surprises that the author throws into the story. It’s a wonderful story to read.

If you are a fantasy lover this is a book to pick up. If you love stories about unicorns then this is a book to grab. I’m sure that you will enjoy.
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