Tween Unicorn Book Feature – Albishadewe by Laraine Anne Barker

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 Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is


“Great White One”

 By Laraine Anne Barker

Humans have nearly driven the unicorns of Lazaronia to extinction, mainly for the beauty and value of their silver ivory horns. But a power with an even more evil purpose is now determined to wipe them out and succeeds in killing Albishadewe’s parents, leaving him wondering if he is the last of his kind. While searching for other unicorns, he seeks refuge as a member of a pony pack, knowing he is safe in the open until his horn starts growing. Just as his itching forehead tells him that time has come, a young woman, accompanied by her unicorn-hunting mistress, suddenly confronts him in the Silver Forest of Argentsiana. Albishadewe knows he should flee. But there is something about Dahrya that makes him stay. She claims to be an ordinary woman—a mere servant—yet how come she can see him in the forest, where even sorcerers’ eyes see only shadows? Could she be Argentsiana, the lost blind Goddess of the Silver Forest? Albishadewe must unravel the mystery of who Dahrya is to save his land from the evil swamping it. But the knowledge brings him more grief than he can bear …Winner of the Bronze Award in the Fantasy/Other Worlds division of the 2014 Global Ebook Awards.

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