Teen Unicorn Book Feature – The Three Beasts and the Unicorns by Sally EK Warner

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 Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is

The Three Beasts and the Unicorns

 By Sally EK Warner

It is the late Mesolithic, an ancient time, an age disintegrated while written in history with the missing holes never found. Stories of men passed down, myths, part truth, unfurl. Unicorns are feared. And never seen. They killed the tribes people, or so the tales of old said…. And so unfolds a story of two sisters in a wild and untamed Britain. And nature has turned ugly….
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Unicorns!  How we love them. . .Luckily for all of us unicorn lovers there are hundreds of unicorn books available for all age groups.  I have gathered information about as many as I can find and have placed them here for you on my blog.You can also find hundreds more for all ages at Sybrina’s Blue Unicorn Book Store.

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