Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature – Glitter The Unicorn By Callie Chapman

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 Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is

Glitter The Unicorn

Goes To The Moon

 By Callie Chapman

Blast off into space with Glitter the Unicorn and Ellie, the dynamic duo once again go on a magical adventure through space showing the reader what true friendship is about.
Its Glitters birthday, so her best friend Ellie buys them tickets to visit the moon. They hop into their rocket ship and head for the stars, both bubbling with excitement at what they might see on their trip. When they arrive on the moon, they meet the Queen who tells them she has lost her magical crown. Glitter and Ellie offer to help and set off on a madcap journey that includes fishing for stars on Saturn and talking to an alien on Pluto. Can they complete the quest and get the magical crown back to the Queen?Glitter the Unicorn Goes to the Moon has won the National Indie Excellence Award as well as the Bronze Children’s Moonbeam Book Award.

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