Teen, YA or Older Reader Unicorn Book Feature – The Unicornis Manuscripts

Teen, YA or Older Reader Unicorn Book Feature – The Unicornis Manuscripts By Michael Green

Explore the mysterious and magical world of the unicorn in Michael Green’s book, The Unicornis Manuscripts. This newly updated book explores the fluid boundary between what is real and what is imaginary. Long considered one of the preeminent books on these mythical creatures, Unicornis explains and expands the lore of the unicorn. An updated introduction addresses our collective fascination with unicorns, and the profound impact that the original book had on unicorn lovers around the world. Alongside a narrative history of the unicorn are Michael Green’s exquisite illustrations, rendered as if freshly torn from a medieval manuscript. Each image hearkens us back to an enchanted age, when the mysteries of the world still held us captivated. Through the pages of the book we are transported to the spaces where unicorns abound, just out of our natural sight. For seekers of the beautiful and wondrous, The Unicornis Manuscripts inspires you to believe.

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