Pump Up Your Book – The Thankful Unicorn – Dream By Hayley Rose

The Thankful Unicorn:
is a groundbreaking and
uplifting coloring journal designed to build confidence, improve
self-esteem, calm anxiety and inspire creativity…

The Thankful Unicorn: Dream

By Hayley Rose

The Thankful Unicorn is a groundbreaking and uplifting coloring journal designed to build confidence, improve self-esteem, calm anxiety and inspire creativity!

You and your kids will love this 132 page, glittered, hard-bound book filled with whimsical unicorn scenes, positive actions and motivational quotes that will be sure to delight even the young at heart, leading to a more confident, kind and creative human.

A great activity to unwind before bed and awake refreshed with a positive attitude. Perfect for ages 5 to adult.


The Thankful Unicorn is a Moms Choice Awards® Gold Recipient and has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Moms Choice Awards® –Moms Choice Awards®

Amazon → https://www.amazon.com/dp/1950842118

Author’s Website → www.hayleyrose.com

The Thankful Series → www.thethankfulseries.com

Hayley has been entertaining and educating children across the country since 2002.

Her range of educational, interactive concept books have earned over 50 national and international book awards and cover subjects ranging from manners and kindness, to math and geography, to music and emotions. School presentations include curriculum for teachers grades K-4th. Over the years Hayley has been invited to speak at book stores including Barnes and Noble, Borders and Bookmans, and for the last few years Hayley has been a featured author at the Children’s Learning and Play Festival which garners crowds of 10,000 and up.

Hayley was recently interviewed on the Author Learning Center alongside authors Stan Lee and R.L. Stine, and she had the honor of presenting keynote presentations for the Readers Favorite International Book Awards and the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Conference among others.

Hayley is an active member The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers and the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.


 Interview With The Author


1.  Can you tell us a few things about yourself?
I am a chocoholic and a coffee addict.  I can be a social butterfly but love my alone time.  I have a schnauzer named Blanche.  She has a food fetish and she snores. 
 2.  Describe the types of books you write without using genre headings e.g. you're not allowed to just say I write fantasy!   

Positive. interactive. fun.
3.  Describe your why. Tell me what motivates you to write.  

It’s actually a calling… Writing is a great creative outlet and it makes me really happy. 
Nothing like losing yourself in a great idea. 

4.  Fancasting – Did you have particular actors/actresses in mind for the starring roles in your story? 

 Well The Thankful Unicorn: Dream is a coloring gratitude journal, there aren’t any characters to play.  But if Oprah has an opening on her show I wouldn’t say no… lol

5.  Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?
I don’t actually find writing to be stressful or draining, but I’d have to say, have a good network of people to bounce ideas off or just hang out with.  A chocolate bar or great cup of coffee is helpful too.
 6.  Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it?
What I learned about gratitude, gratitude journaling and coloring was remarkable.  I came to understand that being grateful was victimless because it isn’t self serving. By writing down the things we are grateful for disconnects us from the negative things in our lives.  The simple act helps us shift our attention from negative to positive emotions.  Scientifically proven to rewire the brain to make you happier, I wanted young children to feel the same positive emotions I was feeling by just expressing gratitude. 
 7.  Which writer's work do you believe most resembles your work?
I haven’t come across another fantasy coloring gratitude journal designed the same way as I’ve set up The Thankful Series. In this series you have a series of four writing prompts that you complete daily so gratitude becomes a habit and then you color a whimsical coloring scene to clear your head and keep you inspired.


Website: www.HayleyRose.com or www.TheThankfulSeries.com

Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/fifothebear


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