Teen, YA or Older Reader Unicorn Book Feature – Shahly’s Quest: The Chronicles of Brawrloxoss: Book One

Teen, YA or Older Reader Unicorn Book Feature – Shahly’s Quest: The Chronicles of Brawrloxoss: Book One By J R Knoll

In a place where mystic creatures wander the forests and dragons rule the sky, where magic is common practice and the seasons are ruled by the natural order, the delicate balance of the land would forever be cast into turmoil by an innocent of the wild. With the balance already disrupted by humans, one unicorn would find herself imperiled by forces she could never have imagined. To rescue her heart, Shahly must rescue the stallion she loves from the clutches of the humans. Driven by the love of her stallion, she must enter the world of the humans, known enemies of the unicorns, and put all she is and all she knows at risk to free him. She can’t know of the dark forces at work, forces that could be the very undoing of everything she has ever known, forces that could mean the very extinction of her kind, and youth and inexperience conspire against her at every turn, as does her own heart. Before she can realize, she is so entangled with the role she must play to free him that her quest becomes a blur, and at times her very survival depends upon the actions of those around her, some wanting to protect her and others wanting her dead! But treacherous humans and horrific monsters are only part of her problem as another invades her heart, determined to unwittingly take the place of her stallion-and end her simple life as a unicorn forever. To complete her mission, she must battle the unseen forces around her, see through the deceptions, and win a hopeless fight with her own heart. And with only three days and nights to do this, she must rely upon the help of her kind’s greatest and deadliest enemy, unaware that he has an agenda of his own…

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