Tween Unicorn Book Feature – The Unicorn Hunter: The Feral Child Trilogy

Tween Unicorn Book Feature – The Unicorn Hunter: The Feral Child Trilogy by Che Golden

“Gripping, mystical and adventurous, young readers will be as hooked as Maddy was the minute she set foot inside that creepy as hell old castle,” raved Irish World said of The Feral Child.
Maddy’s adventures continue in The Unicorn Hunter. The adults of Blarney have always lived in fear. The faeries of Tir na nOg exist on their doorstep, and they could unleash terror on the mortal realm at any time.
But eleven-year-old Maddy is not afraid. The unicorn that holds the key to balance and peace in both worlds is injured, and Maddy knows she is the only one who can track down whoever hurt her.
Can Maddy survive the force and cunning of the Tuatha, who rule Tir na nOg? Or will she end up a mere pawn in their own power games?
Readers will enjoy the frank and bold heroine of Maddy, and will be dazzled by The Unicorn Hunter’s evocative rendering of Irish folklore and richly imagined alternate worlds.

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Amazon Review

K. M. MartinVINE VOICE4.0 out of 5 stars

Exciting Middle Book in a Trilogy Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2015 This book was the middle book in a trilogy and, unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to read the first book. Nonetheless, I found this book engaging and fast-paced. It was filled with adventure as Maddy has to return to Tir na nOg to find out who has tried to kill one of the unicorns who are the image of magic in the world. If she doesn’t find out, and if the hunter succeeds on his second attempt, Earth is condemned to an eternal winter and death and starvation will kill everyone.

Maddy wants this to be someone else’s problem. She is only eleven and her adventures in the first book seems to her to have been enough. She hates the faeries and doesn’t understand why her grandfather and the other Sighted people are so passive. She can’t understand why her grandfather wants to send her to live with an aunt who hates her just to keep her out of the faeries’ sights. He believes that they will forget about her if she can just leave for a while.

Maddy is an interesting character. She is recently orphaned and living with her grandparents. She is stubborn and angry and uncertain that they will keep her. She is also headstrong and certain that she knows best. She isn’t willing to listen to advice and, because of that, makes mistakes that will have lifelong consequences.

The story is filled with characters out of Irish mythology. They are fleshed out in all their danger and all their glory. Fans of mythology and adventure would be the perfect audience for this trilogy.

GoodReads Review

BookLoversLife rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition Shelves: for-review, on-my-kindle, edelweiss, favorites

After the events of the last book, Maddy wants nothing more to do with the Faeries but unfortunately for her, they won’t leave her alone. When a Unicorn comes to her door, Maddy becomes involved in hunting down the person who is trying to kill the Unicorns and take down the shield between her world and the Tuatha.

She doesn’t think its fair that out of all the Sighted in Blarney, she is the only one taking action against the Faeries. She hates them and thinks that everyone should stand against them. Unfortunately, only her, Roisin and Danny agree (though of no choice of their own) to track the killer and bring him or her back alive. Can they manage it before the Unicorns are killed and all of Faerie have free range of earth?

I fell in love with book one of this and couldn’t wait to dive into The Unicorn Hunter. It’s such a fantastic series and one everyone should read.

Maddy, as always, was an awesome heroine. All she wants is to be a typical child but she just seems to attract trouble, with a capital T! She doesn’t want to become involved in more Faerie business but they wont leave her alone. She is told that she is this generations Hound and is the only person for the job. She tries everything to get out of it but in the end, she knows what she has to do and does it. She is strong, loyal and spunky.

Roisin and Danny are again a great help to Maddy, even though Roisin doesn’t do much in the way of heroic deeds, she lends her strength and friendship to Maddy. They are both a great addition to the team.

Once again, Che Golden brings Ireland and its folklore to life. It’s one of my favourite things about theses books! She incorporates CuChulainn as well as Fionn MacCumhaill. CuChulainn was the Hound before Maddy and now Maddy is tasked with finding Fionn MacCumhaill and his Wolfhound Bran. Bran is the only thing able to help track the fiend that is trying to kill the Unicorns and Bran always brings his pray back alive. Her take on the Irish Heroes is fantastic and I loved the lore. She gives the myths her own twists and I adored that about the book.

Once again the author has created an action packed read. It is brimming in action and with plenty of adventure to keep everyone satisfied, it’s a must read. There is so much going on in the book that you will be hooked from the first page. There are plenty of twists as well and some that will leave you gasping. There are still a lot of questions so I can not wait to read book 3 to see what happens to Maddy and the gang? This is a series that any age will love and I’d highly recommend.

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