The Rabbit and The Fox Book Store – Featured Product – The Adventures of Penelope Whipple Dimple: The Silver Bell Forest

Featured Gift of the Day – The Adventures of Penelope Whipple Dimple: The Silver Bell Forest

A fun imaginative book filled with creative sing song rhymes and beautiful illustrations suitable for kids of all ages. Meet Miss Penelope Whipple Dimple, a small yet larger-than-life red fox, who explores the magical world of Silver Bell Forest with the help of her colorful friends. Penelope, a delightfully whimsical character with a curiously interesting vocabulary, a heart full of love, and an eye for adventure. As your imaginations and fingers walk along with Penelope Whipple Dimple, she, Bogey, and her colorful friends introduce children to a fantastical world of whimsy, the spirit of giving, and love in action. She and her quirky rhyming named friends leap from the pages and into hearts through the amazing adventures they share.

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