Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature- A Different Princess: Pirate Princess

Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature – A Different Princess: Pirate Princess by Amy Potter

Amy likes to be a princess, but not only a princess. She likes to be a different princess each night. Her magic unicorn Huggy brings her to dream worlds where they have a lot of fun.


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Amazon Reviews

Jamie n boys5.0 out of 5 stars My toddlers loved it Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2016Verified Purchase

The story a different princess pirate princess is about a girl named Amy and her unicorn named Huggy. In this Tale Amy becomes a pirate princess and travels the seven seas where they meet fishermen and sailors that are in trouble.
They learn of an evil tiny pirate called pink beard this is affecting the entire ocean and killing the fish. oh course when Amy catches up to pink beard, he steals her boat and makes her and huggy walk the plank. She meets New Friends Along her journey and teaches ghost galleon about how to keep his ship clean and beautiful . By the end of the story she’s able to save the sea and make it clean again and her friends promise to help keep it that way. However she never catches back up to that evil pink beard.

Conclusion- both of my toddler’s really enjoyed this book and since it was a free download that was definitely a plus. However at the end of the story they are left wanting to know what’s going to happen to pink beard and so of course we’re going to have to buy the next story. I think the characters in the story are Vivid and the story plot was very engaging. Overall it was a good e-book, especially for free, just be warned if your kids love it they’re going to want you to buy the second book to get the ending to the story. This seems like a cute series, that my little ones really enjoy.

GoodReads Reviews

Jessica Adams rated it really liked it

“Pirate Princess (A Different Princess)” is an interesting twist to princess stories. Amy loves being a princess, but she says that being the same princess all the time is boring. So, she is a different princess each night. On this particular night, she is a pirate princess, with her little unicorn stuffed animal, Huggy, by her side. She is a good pirate and helps fishermen. There is a bad pirate with a pink beard that she needs to defeat because he is stealing all the fish. Then she learns from the fish that the ocean is dirtier than before, so she needs to find a way to clean up the ocean. She needs to go to Skull Island, so that is a little bit of a scary part. Huggy ends up saving them with some rainbow magic, which allows the team to find the treasure to clean the ocean.
The story is a little on the long side for little kids, but it is an interesting story. There are some scary parts, so younger children may not like the book as much.
There are a few grammar and punctuation mistakes which is a shame because this book would be more suitable for older kids and they might be confused by the misplaced periods or commas.
Overall, the story sparks imagination and also is a good way to teach kids to keep the oceans clean.
This book would be a good story for kids around ages 5-8.

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