This Then That – Little Kid Unicorn Books – The Perfect Unicorn or Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorns

If you read and enjoyed The Perfect Unicorn by Irelynn Farrington, then take a chance to read Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorns by Sybrina Durant and Sandi Johnson with artwork by Enrique Vignolo. You might just love it.

The Perfect Unicorn

By Irelynn Farrington

One night during bedtime, Irelynn Farrington, age 7 at the time, told her mother a bedtime story. Her mother was astonished with the story that Irelynn had told her of this magical world full of mythical creatures, amulets, and royalty, that she helped Irelynn write her book. The two worked together for days. Irelynn today is 11 years old. Both together, the two brought this book to life, creating magic within her world. This is her story.

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Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorns

By Sybrina Durant and Sandi Johnson

This book is about the Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorn Babies And Metals!
As you read the story, look for the big, shiny gold stars. The Gold Stars indicate the metal of each unicorn’s horn plus an every day object made from that metal. The different metals are tin, copper, silver, gold, brass, nickel, aluminum, iron, steel, zinc and lead.
That’s A Lot Of Metal!
This story is also about one more little unicorn who is very different from the others. His name is Blue. He may not be like the rest of his tribe but he will not let that affect who he is now or who he will grow up to be.
Read the book to learn more about the blue unicorn and his magical Metal Horn Unicorn Tribe.This story is recommended for ages 4 to 8. It was created to help lil’ children learn about metals in a fun way.

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