Introducing City Under The Sea By Marina Ray

City Under The Sea

Written By Marina Ray

Genre: Children’s Marine Life Books

One might wonder what a city under the sea is like, and I can tell you it is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. See the city that many talk about, but few go to. Follow four friends through the city of their dreams, where they love to watch as the sky lights up with different colors and residents light up too!

But what happens in cities that are not beautiful? Can they help and understand the resident’s work in their community?

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About the Author

Marina Ray is a marine biologist who has a passion for coral reefs and the health of the ocean. My goal for this brand is to educate people young and old on the reality of the oceans health and what we can do to improve the environment for both us and all other living creatures. I hope to be able to make changes that have a positive impact around the world to create a more sustainable future.

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