Introducing Princess Jenny and Prince Michael By Princess Jenny

Princess Jenny and Prince Michael

By Princess Jenny

Genre: Classic Fairy Tale

Princess Jenny and Prince Michael by Princess Jenny is the first fairy tale written by the author in 1997, but only recently published. Princess Jenny also wrote Prince Michael Wins Peace, Prince Michael to the Rescue and Prince Michael’s Search for the Enchanted City that same year.

Princess Jenny was cursed by a wicked fairy to not know love at her naming ceremony 10 days after her birth. A good fairy declared that she would indeed get to know love. Princess Jenny met Prince Michael at her 12th birthday ball where he fell in love with her.

A few years later, Princess Jenny was transported into another realm in her Kingdom of Rapsia where she met and took care of some orphaned children for several years. She told them inspirational stories, songs, poems and fairy tales. Princess Jenny, over time, realized that she was in love with Prince Michael and that she had to return to her realm.

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Book Reviews

Princess Jenny and Prince Michael is an easy to read, delightful and empowering new classic fairy tale that includes several motivational poems about inner power, believing in one’s self and believing that you can make your dreams come true. The children in the story learn to fulfill their own potential.

This is definitely a fairy tale that lets you believe in love.

It’s a warm, wonderful story of how Princess Jenny’s and Prince Michael’s love won over the wicked fairy’s curse.

Princess Jenny and Prince Michael is a beautiful, endearing fairy tale. This new fairy tale is one children will definitely call a favorite. Bedtime would certainly be easier with this wonderful fairy tale. It can also be read chapter by chapter or the entire book at once. This is one of those classic fairy tales that kids will want to reread and that even parents will enjoy.

Enjoy reading Princess Jenny and Prince Michael  along with the other three stories about Prince Michael in this series. You can also read more about the other books written by Princess Jenny on her Amazon Author Page.

You can also Visit Jenny’s Fairy Tales to learn more and view other stories and fairy tales by Princess Jenny.

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