This Then That – Teen or YA Unicorn Books – Fairy Tales Written By Rabbits or Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

If you read and enjoyed Fairy Tales Written By Rabbits by Mary A. Parker, then take a chance to read Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale by Sybrina Durant. You might just love it.

Fairy Tales Written By Rabbits

By Mary A Parker

A charming animal fantasy novel that will appeal to ages 8 and up with an illustration for each chapter that will appeal to animal lovers of all ages. Proceeds go to supporting the Big Ears Animal Sanctuary in Tasmania.

Rabbits have told stories since the sky dust fell. Heath and his sister Millet are young rabbits struggling with questions that their ancestors never thought to ask.

When a bushfire ravages the warren, Heath and Millet find themselves suddenly isolated in a new land. Other animals are asking questions about the dust, and the unknowable race known as They. Lost in an unfamiliar landscape the rabbits must work with the other inhabitants of this land, which are not all that they seem.

The enigmatic Stares-at-moon reads books, and claims to have seen the unicorn of legend that can guide them home.

But they must be brave. Hidden dangers lurk in the abandoned homes of the They, and the traditional rabbit tactic of simply running will not be adequate. They must adapt and become something more than rabbits if they are to survive.

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Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

By Sybrina Durant

If you enjoyed reading The Hobbit, Alice In Wonderland or even Watership Downs, you might just love this purely fanciful anthropomorphic fantasy.

Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale by Sybrina Durant is an enchanting escapade about a metal-horned tribe of space-faring unicorns stranded a universe away from their home world of Unimaise. It is full of magic and adventure with walloping dashes of pseudosciencey stuff sprinkled throughout. It also offers a thought-provoking look into love and war amongst the other denizens of MarBryn. . .including Magh, the sorcerer who wants to kill all unicorns.

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