Introducing Eddy The Bobcat – A True Adventure By April Christine Slocum

Eddy The Bobcat

A True Adventure

By April Christine Slocum-Alzhrani with Illustrations by Alfin Fadholi

Genre: Children’s Wildlife Book

Meet Eddy, the curious Bobcat that falls in love with a traveling family at a little motel, in the middle of a snow storm. Mama, Elyssa, and little Ginna are in for quite a surprise when they check into their motel room. Eddy decides to pay them a visit and meet their terrified house cat, Sam. The family is on their way to spend Christmas holiday with Grandpa in Ontario Canada. Little do they know that once again Eddy will find his way back into their laps and into their hearts, as he sends people screaming into the crowd of the town’s annual Christmas parade. This wonderful and loving Christmas adventure brings true holiday fun, laughter and happiness to all of the readers that travel through it’s pages with Eddy the bobcat and his new family of friends.

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“Rollicking holiday fun for the cat-loving child. Sure to be a holiday classic” – Elizabeth Hand; Editor for Science World Blog


“Fun filled holiday story the whole family will enjoy. A great example for young students.” – Virginia Rohlman; Teacher at John R Hummel Elementary School

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About The Author

April Christine Slocum-Alzhrani

April is also the author of Underground Aliens – A Story of Hollow Earth.

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