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Introducing Let’s Find Little Tractor Together By Christopher Noah Hires


Let’s Find Little Tractor Together

An interactive spot and learn picture book for kids (0-4 age)

By Christopher Noah Hires

“Let’s Find Little Tractor Together”is an engaging, warm, and educational picture book to stimulate child curiosity,attention,and development from an early age.

This book is an excellent and very simple read for those ages birth to toddler. You and your child will experience the fun of interactive text and illustration. High contrast colors and settings will engage babies, toddlers and keep them reading about Little Tractor’s journey through imagination, sizes, numbers, colors, sign language, and more.

From baby:

Through toddler:

Up to 4 years:

“Where is Little Tractor?”

“Here is Little Tractor! Vroom Vroom!”

“Good job! Keep looking, it will be a little bit harder now…”

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