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Tween Unicorn Book Feature – The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm: Illustrated Book


Tween Unicorn Book Feature – The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm: Illustrated Book by Sybrina Durant

“Durant’s story is slyly whimsical as she builds up the world of Marbryn, a world where there are many wonders, but also threats to the existence of Blue’s tribe.” – Jack Magnus From Reader’s Favorite.”The Blue Unicorn…reads like old time fairy tales…where life and death choices are made…” – From Fundinmental As The Eyes See It Blog”The gentle reminders of the importance of acceptance and maintaining a sense of self worth are artfully woven into this fun adventure tale.” – From The Reading Addict Blog.This YA book is perfect for fans of science fiction/fantasy books like Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey and The Xanth Series by Piers Anthony or illustrated fantasies like Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Wizard of Oz series of books by L. Frank Baum. Mix in some Brother’s Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale themes and you’re good to enter this enchanting world of the metal horn unicorn tribe.Everybody loves unicorns! OK maybe they don’t but for those who do, they will love this fantastically illustrated story about a little unicorn who was born into a tribe of magical, metal horned unicorns. The little guy has no magic and he has no metal but somehow he must save the tribe from an evil sorcerer. Read this book for teens and older readers to find out if he can do it.This chapter book is a collector’s dream containing page after page of lavish artwork. It contains nearly 100 pages of story text by Sybrina Durant plus the same number of pages of magnificent water-color illustrations by Dasguptarts. It offers readers a visual feast of over forty beautiful water-color pictures that each span two pages. Forty-two – easy to digest two-page chapters are chock full of adventurous and entertaining morsels. This illustrated book will become a favorite of teen and older fantasy readers.

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A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose

Amazon Review

Kindle Customer5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2018Verified Purchase There are really three aspects I considered while reading this book. How did it read to me, an adult fan of fantasy and genre fiction in general. The answer to that was surprising. I found it be very engaging and compelling. I read it through first alone to make sure my grand-kids were of age and going to enjoy the story. I was actually glad to have done that because I was totally gripped and devoured it rather quickly.

For the second read with the children, it went just as well. They were gripped by the fast paced with just right amount of concern for the unicorn and his tribe. They didn’t get fidgety or call out for tablets as they often do when their minds wonder. In face they asked if there was more to read. So that’s an all win. The themes were deep and yet easy for them process.

The third thing I wanted to touch on was the art. The watercolors are simply stunning and add something to the book that takes it a step above just text.

It’s easy to recommend this to fantasy fans of all ages.

GoodReads Review

Carlynne Toomey rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition The illustrations in this book are beautiful! The story is great and there is action and adventure. This is an adult or older teen level book as there is violence and death in the story. The battles are graphic and unicorns die. I say this only to warn readers that may think that unicorn stories are always happy, fun rainbow reads. This is not the case with this book, but it is so much better because of the realism. Battles aren’t pretty, evil magicians do bad things. Can the non-magical blue unicorn save the tribe, or will he too perish at the hands of Magh, the evil magician. I’ll let you read this great story, enjoying the beautiful artwork and find out for yourselves.

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