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This Then That – Teen or YA Unicorn Books – The Turn: Dark Terror or Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale


If you read and enjoyed The Turn: Dark Terror – Book 2, then take a chance to read Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale by Sybrina Durant. You might just love it.

The Turn

Dark Terror – Book 2

By Mervyn Sanders

This is the second of seven books in the Under the Rainbow series narrating a classic Good v Evil account. Myth combined with Magic. A portal is opened in the cemetery of St. Mary’s Church in a stagnant village somewhere on the English coast. This portal allows select residents to enter a world inhabited by Faeries, Pixie/Elf hybrids, a giant, a dragon, talking animals and more than the odd unicorn. Their assailants include Vampyrs, Wraiths, Weirdoos, Minxes, gargoyles and Lucifer himself. Unfortunately the portal is two way, and access to the backwater village sees the struggle continue to its conclusion in our own world. Readers expecting pretty little cottages with roses framing their doorways, with delicate little fairies flitting in the sunlight, will end up disappointed. More discerning readers will strip off layers from the story to discover the hidden depths beneath. Suitable for adults and teenagers alike, containing no offensive language or images of graphic sex, with the added bonus of being vegetarian friendly. If you are a reader of a nervous disposition when it comes to scenes of gruesome carnage – well, perhaps this book is not for you. Or is it? The world needs to find another hero… and heroes can come from the most unlikely sources…

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Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

By Sybrina Durant

If you enjoyed reading The Hobbit, Alice In Wonderland or even Watership Downs, you might just love this purely fanciful anthropomorphic fantasy.

Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale by Sybrina Durant is an enchanting escapade about a metal-horned tribe of space-faring unicorns stranded a universe away from their home world of Unimaise. It is full of magic and adventure with walloping dashes of pseudosciencey stuff sprinkled throughout. It also offers a thought-provoking look into love and war amongst the other denizens of MarBryn. . .including Magh, the sorcerer who wants to kill all unicorns.

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