The Messy Room Book Store – Monster Mess! by Margery Cuyler

Monster Mess! by Margery Cuyler with Illustrations by S.D. Schindler

Crash, crash!

Stomp, stomp!

A tired monster goes up the stairs.

zzzz, zzzz,

a boy is sound asleep. And

ick, ick,

his room is not so neat —
not neat enough for a monster to take a nap! So

whishtt, whishtt,

the monster starts to clean.

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A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose


Elli L. 5.0 out of 5 stars Adorable and unique book

Such a cute book with great illustrations. There are not many words but this book is surprisingly very unique. The story is that a monster moves in during the middle of the night and cannot sleep until the child’s room is clean. The illustrations are just so great and since there are not many words, my 3-year-old already has the story memorized and can “read” it to himself.


D. Fowler 5 stars “Piu, piu . . . ” are you one of those people with stinky things in their messy room? This book is hilarious!

Yawn, yawn. There is a tired monster that needs to go to bed. He tiptoes around the house and you can see many of his legs as he passes in front of the couch. “Tiptoe, tiptoe, around the house I creep.” Ooops, that big curly tail just knocked over a couple of chairs just before he stomped up the stairs to head to the boys room. Gotta be very quiet now. “Zzzz, zzzz.” He’s sleeping. Ugh, there are some mighty stinky things in that boy’s room. “Piu, piu, what smelly socks and shoes!” They are so bad even a monster has to hold his nose.

Oh, look at that mess on the floor and under the bed. There is even a yucky old apple core under there and “yikes, yikes, a rubbery python’s head.” The things you will find in a boy’s room will amaze you. There are juice stains on the sheets . . . well, the only thing the monster can do is “clean, clean” because someone has to fix the awful mess. A monster has lots of arms and legs and cleaning is a snap. “Stuff, stuff, the clothes into the drawers.” Dust the furniture, do a little sweeping, squash all that junk into the closet and spray a bit of room deodorizer around and that should do it. Now that will really wear a monster out. “Ring, ring . . . ” Guess who is getting up?

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