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Boo’s Shoes – Learn To Tie Shoelaces

The Faerie Review blog interviews Sybrina Durant about her inspirations for Boo’s Shoes.

Author Q & A

What inspired you to write this?
I’ve been writing “Learn To Tie” books for about 35 years.  I was inspired to write the first one after getting a quick lesson in how to tie a necktie from charming salesman. Since then, I’ve written about 6 stories in my Learn To Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox Book Series.

Are the characters based on anyone?
The characters are not based on people but there is an old mnemonic about tying a neck tie by following the moves of a fox chasing a rabbit through a forest. I’ve used those characters for teaching how to learn to tie neckties, bows and shoelaces throughout my series.

Do names have a special significance for you when writing, and how do you choose them?
Names have mattered to me when titling some of the books in my series. For example I used the name Ned in one and Nellie in another because they flowed with the titles, “Ned Knows How To Knot A Neck Tie” and “Nellie Knows How to Knot A Neck Scarf”. I used the name Cleo for “Cleo Can Tie a Bow” because that was a good name that just fit with the word “bow”. I used the name Boo in “Boo’s Shoes” because it rhymed with shoes. There were no named characters in the other “Learn To Tie” books.

What’s the hardest part of writing/publishing?

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