Introducing A Very Berry Fairy Adventure By Sparrow

A Very Berry Fairy Adventure

By Sparrow with new artwork by Dipetrama

Genre: Children’s Illustrated Chapter Book

A Very Berry Fairy Adventure eBook by Sparrow is filled with pictures, interactive plot, and unforgettable characters. It’s an excellent and healthy read for every kid and adult. A Very Berry Fairy Adventure eBook is about a tiny fairy, named Very Berry, who lives in an enchanted forest and is all set for an extraordinary adventure to find and bring a lost polar bear, named Warm Snow, back home. Will a fairy finally find the polar bear? Would a polar bear accept the help from a fairy? Would a fairy be able to bring a polar bear all the way to The North Pole, or would a polar bear find a new place to live? Read A Very Berry Fairy Adventure to find out.

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A Reader’s Favorite Review

Review By Michelle Robertson

Very Berry Fairy Adventure is written and illustrated* by Sparrow. This book is a children’s
fable. It offers very colorful pictures for your viewing pleasure and a plot that contains adventure,
mystery, excitement, magic, mystical creatures, friendship, and courage. Very Berry is a small fairy that lives in a tiny flower in the forest. Very Berry is assigned by his friend, the owl, to go on a mission to protect the forest and all its creatures. Berry finds himself in a predicament. Go to the “A Very Berry Fairy Adventure” review page at Reader’s Favorite to read the entire review.

*Original artwork was by Sparrow. New illustrations are by Dipetrama. The story is the same.

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