Metal Horn Unicorn Tribe Heraldic Symbol Trading Cards

Metal Horn Unicorn Tribe Trading Cards

Companies; entertainers and sporting organizations; and different professions, like medical or engineering all use symbols to identify them to the public. Symbology is often used for identification purposes. We even see it in science, alchemy and astrology.  At least fifty-nine countries have heraldic seals containing many different types of symbols.  Additionally, royalty and families in upper society within those countries have crests and coats of arms to identify them to the world.  

Many different symbols appear on family crests.  You might find things like architectural elements, musical instruments, religious ciphers, plants, animals and even fantasy creatures; like unicorns.  Learn about some of them here.

Family crests are common in many different countries. In Japan, only samurai or those in the higher echelons of their social structure were allowed to possess them.  Their crests, known as monsho are engraved on ancestor’s grave stones. 

In the Middle Ages, the designs on the crests represented the family of each knight in sporting competitions.  In a way it was their family trademark.  These crests were handed down from father to the first born male from generation to generation.  Other sons added their own imagery to the crest to create a unique one for their own families.

Russia has had an official coat of arms since the seventeen hundreds and family crests there, have always been granted to a family as a whole, unlike other European countries.

In the tribe of metal horned unicorns, each herd is represented by a Herd Crest.  The Water Purification Herd Crest shows a copper cup with the alchemy symbol for water emblazoned on it.  The Medical Herd is represented by a stethoscope with a unicorn shape in the tube.  The Empath Herd Crest has an open heart surrounding the Celtic symbol for love.  Read about the different Metal Horn Unicorn herds in the Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm books and start collecting the Tribe of Metal Horned Unicorn Trading Cards, too.

People today, are often interested in the family crests or coat of arms that represented their ancestors.  If you would like to research family crests for your family, start by going to this link to read up about them.

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Metal Horn Unicorn Trading Cards

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