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Boo’s Shoes – Learn To Tie Shoelaces

Review By Beatrix Bloom for the Kids Lit Book Cafe

Boo’s Shoes – A Rabbit and Fox Story: Learn to Tie Shoelaces by Sybrina Durant is a super fun, cheerful and delightfully illustrated story about a cute and charming little rabbit named Boo who owns lots and lots of pairs of shoes.

Boo has so many different pairs of shoes, and all for doing different activities and things!  Boo likes his sandals that he can slip on and off for going to the beach, and he loves his Velcro boots to play in the snow! But, as many different pairs of shoes Boo has, he does not own a pair of shoes with laces that need to be tied into a bow before wearing and going out to have fun. He is sure to stay away from those awful things that are such a nuisance, and seemingly very difficult to learn to tie!

But then one day Boo’s friend, Farah Fox gives Boo a very thoughtful gift. It is a brand new pair of shoes. But these shoes are very different as they have shoelaces that need to be tied in bow in order to be worn. Farah Fox is determined to teach Boo how to tie the shoelaces despite his reluctance to learn something new and scary. It is hard for him at first, but after a few practice tries and cheers from Farah, Boo finally learns the new and important skill of tying his shoelaces! He is so proud of himself that he feels like he can do anything!!

With encouragement from an adult and with practice, this wonderful book can teach any child to tie their own shoelaces. Boo’s Shoes includes a parents, teachers and guardians guide with step-by-step instructions along with big and clear pictures of each step of tying shoelaces on a pair of shoes!

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