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Llama Llama Mess Mess Mess by Anna Dewdney

Mama Llama teaches Llama Llama a humorous lesson in cleaning up in Anna Dewdney’s bestselling Llama Llama series.

Time to pick up all your toys!
Why is Mama making noise?
Mama says it’s cleaning day.
Llama only wants to play.

Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama is growing up, but he still loves to play with all his toys! When Mama Llama says it’s time to clean up, Llama responds like any child more interested in playing than cleaning . . . by ignoring her! But Mama has an imaginative response of her own. What if she never cleaned? What would happen then? Well, Llama Llama is going to find out! Here is a truly funny take on a childhood chore that all children will relate to and laugh at! And it is sure to be helpful to get kids cleaning up!

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A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose


Lori the Bookworm 5.0 out of 5 stars Th adorable llama teaches something valuable to kids

Super cute book about a little llama who doesn’t want to tidy up his toys and goes on to imagine how messy his house would be if mama llama didn’t clean and do the house chores.

Eventually little llama understands that he needs to help mama around the house. Good story, great teaching.

The illustration, by JT Morrow, are some of the cutest I ve ever seen


K.A 5.0 out of 5 stars My son adores these books!

So naturally I had to get this one when it came out. He loves it. And it’s nice to talk about his messes after the story. I try to make him reflect on what llama llama learned from the story. It’s a hit or miss. But comes with the parenting territory I think. Good book as always! Can’t wait to see another llama llama book come out! Always recommend these!

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