Tween Unicorn Book Feature – UNICORN NINJA by MAXX

Tween Unicorn Book Feature – UNICORN NINJA: A Humorous Paranormal Romance (UNICORN NINJA: A Paranormal Romance Comedy Series Book 1) by MAXX

The Launch Of A New Book Series In Humorous Romance Fiction

A Most Perplexing Love Story!

Rob has a crush on his neighbor Janine, who seems flawless in every possible way. When he finally gets the courage to ask her out, she happily agrees to go on a date with him. The day arrives and they have the most amazing time together. Their chemistry is unquestionable. It seems like it was meant to be… After a lifetime of searching, they have found each other. He was ready to give his heart to her, and she also falls in love with him.

When Rob thought there was nothing else to wish for, his love for Janine is abruptly challenged when he discovers something a little special about her… And now he gets hunted with an accidental compromise. Being thrown into a wild world full of trouble is more than Rob can handle. So he faces the question: Does he love her enough to make a sacrifice?

Experience The Adventure In Book 1 Of This Shifter Series

You can find Unicorn Ninja in a collection of…
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Romantic Comedy
Paranormal Romance

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A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose

This looks like such a fun book but it was published in 2014 and has no reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. If you read it, please write a review so others can know your thoughts about it.

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