Introducing Piper’s Career Day Decision by Linden Grim

Piper’s Career Day Decision

by Linden Grim

Genre: Children’s Books

Piper is a young girl with many different interests. She likes to draw, bake, and garden. She must choose one of these interests for Career Day—but she can’t decide which one to be! Which one will she choose and what will she decide to be when she grows up?

The message of this story is that it’s ok to be many different things when you grow up. You don’t have to be just one thing; you can be whatever you dream of, and it’s also ok to change your mind while figuring it out.

Check out the ‘stationery page’ at the back of the book. It has some great pictures for kids to cut out and use for scrap-booking.

This is the first book in a series of eight. Throughout the series, our main character Piper, learns to overcome self-doubt, pride, bullies, and more. Follow Piper’s journey as she learns more about herself.

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5 Star Review

Victoria Monreal – 5.0 out of 5 stars – A cute story with a great message!
My 8 year old niece loved the book and could not wait to cut out Pipers stationary. I loved the message of the story and it even sparked a conversation about what my niece wanted to be when she grew up. We can’t wait for the rest of the series!

About Linden Grim

Linden Grim grew up in a small town in California where she was known by her family as always writing little stories. It’s only recently that she has been able to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. She enjoys many hobbies other than writing such as painting, scrapbooking, and trying to keep her house plants alive. She lives with her husband and cat, Emmy, in South Africa where she permanently resides.

Piper’s Career Day Decision is her first book and it is the first book in the Piper series. There will be a total of 8. Each book will touch on different topics such as friendship, loss, or learning how to ask for help. The second book in the series will be coming out at the beginning of December this year.

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