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Shopper Cleo from Girls Love Bows Gift Shop and Cleo Can Tie A Bow book coming soon.

The gifts in this online store are brought to you by Sybrina Durant, author of Cleo Can Tie A Bow book.

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Cleo Can Tie A Bow

Book By Sybrina Durant

Cleo Can Tie A Bow
Cleo Can Tie A Bow

Sweet Lolita Fashions

Cleo wearing her Sweet Lolita fashions.

Cupcake Dress

Lolita Hi-Waist Dress

Fun Hair Hoop

Bows and Squirrels

T-Strap Low Heel Party Shoes

Princess Court Dress

Princess Dress

Cat Ears and Bows

Long Curly Pink Wig

Pink and Black Court Dress

Sweet Blue Girl Dress

Tea Party Mary Janes

Smiling Rabbit Dress

Cat Headdress

Crimson Sweet Lolita

Lacey Bow Bunny Ears

Sweet Lolita Skirt

Soft Silky Over-Sized Bows

Strawberry Souffle Rabbit Dress

Floral Lace Gloves with Bows

Little Cages Dress

Pretty Bows and Lace Straw Hat

Sakura Magic Book Set Card Captor Sakura Clow Cards

Lolita Plush Toy Key Chain

French Kitty Beret

Lolita Badge Holder

Ghost Princess Perona Action Figure

Bow and Bunny Ears Beret

Crossbody Messenger Bag

Ombre Blue Lolita Wig

Sweet High Waist Long Sleeve Dress

Japanese Sweet Lolita Flat Shoes

Cat Party Dress

Chiffon Rabbit Print Dress

Lolita Dress Puff Sleeve

Yellow Bow Lolita

Lolita Coloring Book: Cute Lolita Fashion

Victorian Lolita Dress

Bows and Teddy Bears

Sweet Bow Lace Heels

Double Bow Tie Straps Pumps

Chunky Flatform Books

Rainbows and Bows Wig

Rabbit Ear Hoodie

Fluffy Wig With Bow

Rabbit Ears Sweatshirt

Short Wig With Bow

Lolita Shawl

Bows and Leather Hand Bag

Princess Bunny Sleep Mask

Big Bow Knot Back Pack

Sweet Lolita and Alice

Angel Wings and Bows Purse

Lolita Thigh Highs

Rose Gold Bow and Pearl Earrings

Black and White Chunky Heel Boots

Ribbon Bow Dangle Earrings

Sweet Kawaii JSK Dress Lolita Dress Hoodie

Yellow Gold Filigree Earrings

Lolita Princess Hoodie

Lace Sleeve Cuffs with Bows

Bow Charm for Bracelet

Pearls and Bow Bracelet

Sweet Lolita Statue

Cute Lolita Sweat Shirt

Shopkins Lolita Pops

Sweet Lolita Sun Dress

Sweet Lolita Doll

Sweet Lolita In Space Tee

Lolita Fairy Dolls

Lolita Fashions Coloring Book

The Harajuku Tarot Colouring Book

Chunky Lolita Shoes Round Toe

So Sweet Lolita Perfume

Smiling Angel Blouse

Fancy Neko Cat Ears With Bow and Bell

Sweet Lolita Knee Socks

Map of Beauty Lolita Sweet Wig

Hollow Heart Lace Calf Socks

Sweet Lolita Peter Pan Collar Coat

Black Kawaii Lolita Dress

Sweet and Cool Pink and Black Dress

Sweet Lolita Undies

Sweet Lolita Bloomers

Lolita Pendant Choker and Bracelet

Ivory Lace Parasol

Lolita Skull Cameo Mold

TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar

Lolita Print Tee Shirt

Rainbow Joy! – Lolita Style Coloring Book

Lolita Bow and Lace Cuffs

Lolita Pink Blue Bow Headdress

Lolita Winter Dress

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