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Sybrina Publishing is home to the “Rabbit and The Fox” educational series of books.  Books are available in soft and hard cover print and ebook formats.  Click on any book cover below for more information about each book and to listen to the accompanying song for free.

If a child has mastered the tricky task of tying their shoe laces, they’re ready to have fun learning to tie a tie with the rabbit and the fox.  Planning a Wedding??? Great gift for Ring Bearer or any other young man in the wedding party.  It is also a wonderful forever keepsake for boys in attendance at Quinceañeras, Bar Mitvahs, Proms and other important life events.  Read Book Reviews and more.

Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox   Aprende a Anuda una Corbata con El Conejo y El Zorro  Matutong Magkurbata kasama ang Kuneho at ang Soro

Click Here to SMILE at lots of adorable pics of cute kids wearing neckties on Pinterest!  Girls like neckties and scarves, too.  Click Here for Nellie’s Pinterest Page.

The Rabbit and the Fox Series includes “Knotting” books for girls and older guys, too.

Exercises in manual dexterity build self-esteem in children.  Knowing how to tie shoe-strings, neckties, scarves or any other knot is a useful and rewarding skill.  “Teach a child a useful skill.  Build confidence and self-esteem that lasts a lifetime.” – Author Sybrina Durant

Learn To Knot A Neck Scarf With The Rabbit And The Fox  How To Tie Guide For Older Guys  Nellie Knows How To Knot A Neck Scarf

Sybrina Publishing is also home for picture books for toddlers as well as graphic novels for pre-teens.

Yarashell Abbily And Her Very Messy Room  Legend of the Blue Unicorn  Dorp The Scottish Dragon in a Lone Star Story

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