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The books in this online store are brought to you by Sybrina Durant, author of the Learn To Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox series of books. Her Learn To Tie books include Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox in English, Spanish and Tagalog plus Ned Knows How To Knot A Neck Tie, Nellie Knows How To Knot A Neck Scarf and her newest, Cleo Can Tie A Bow. If you love bows, visit The Girls Love Bows Gift Shop for all kinds of bow themed gifts.

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Learn To Tie Books By

Sybrina Durant

Boo’s Shoes – A Rabbit and Fox Story: Learn To Tie Shoelaces

Boo’s Shoes – Hardback – Coming Soon!

Cleo Can Tie A Bow

Rabbit Themed Gifts

White Rabbit Women’s Clock Purse

Cute Bunny Make Up Bag

Hidden Bunny Mug

Rabbit Bracelet

Unique Rabbit Pendant

Silver Rabbit Ring

Ew, People Bunny Shirt

Cellophane Carrot Shaped Goody Bags

Bunny Love Shirt

Bunny Rabbit Gel Ink Pens

Canvas Bunny Bin

Pink Rabbit Socks

Rascally Rabbit Mug

Bunny On The Moon Necklace

Bunny Ear Ring Toss

Cute Bunny Drink Markers

Bunny Baby Security Blanket

Cashmere Scarf With Bunnies

Bunny Bath Sponge

Yoga Bunny Figurine

Bunny Wrist Watch

Leather Bunny Key Chain

Bunny Dessert Plate

Opal Rabbit Stud Earrings

Rabbit Shaped Paper Clips

Bunny Ring Holder

Pastel Bunny Soaps

Bunny Dangle Earrings

Small Metal Catch All Tray With Bunnies

3D Illusion Bunny Lamp

Some Bunny Loves You Key Chain

3D Wooden Rabbit Puzzle

Rabbit Motorcycle Helmet Cover

Fox Themed Gifts

Foxy Slippers

Silver Fox Ring

Fox Cell Phone Purse

Obsidian Fox Necklace

Fox Wall Art Prints

Fox Tail Pendant

Fox Bracelet

Bronze and Leather Fox Bracelet

Fox Mug With Cell Phone Holder Lid

Fox Face Mask

Fox Sofa Throw

Fox Ring Dish

Fox Credit Card Wallet

Sly Fox Wine Bottle Holder

Fox Apron and Baking Set

Hidden Fox Mug

Fox Laser Cut Wood Journal

Fox Slipper Socks

Kid’s Fox Socks

Fox Tote

Fox Infinity Scarf

Fox Messenger Bag

Fox Fridge Magnets

Fox Nightlight

Stay Clever Fox Pendant

Ceramic Fox Mug

Fox Night Light

Fox Shaped Multi-Use Tool

Fox Galaxy Draw String Back Pack

Fox Keepsake Box

Fox Cherry Blossom Tee

Fox Healing Stone

Fox Travel Pillow

Click a number below to continue Browsing Learn To Tie or other Rabbit and Fox books. Rabbit and Fox themed gifts start on Page 3.

Please note: Sybrina is an Amazon Associate and Influencer, so you can feel safe making a purchase from this online store because each link goes directly to the book’s Amazon page. At this point you may be wondering…why not just go straight to Amazon. The reason is simple. Sybrina accepts no money for advertising so you can be assured that the books you see in her online store are not simply limited to who pays the most to have their book up front. You will be amazed at what you will find here. And if you don’t find a particular book that you feel should be here, just send Sybrina an email at Sybrina at with the book title and author’s name. She will accommodate almost all requests to include a new (or old) “Learn To Tie”, “Manual Dexterity” or “Rabbit and Fox” book or gift in her online store.

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