My Sweet Alyssa – A Little Bit of Romance By Gina Rose

My Sweet Alyssa – Regency Romance Novel By Gina Rose

First book in the Brothers In All Series

Regency Romance Novel by Gina Rose

Orphaned and reduced to servantry in her Uncle’s home, Alyssa dreamed of the day she would receive her inheritance so she could be free of her so-called guardian. Fate has a wicked sense of  
humor, as unexpectedly, her dream man comes into her life. Everything is turned upside down when he turns out to be a nightmare. She is forced to flee to a brothel, where the auction of her virginity seems to be her only way out. Even that plan goes awry, throwing her in the path of a notorious yet loveable rake. She is not out of harm’s way for long before her nightmare returns to reclaim her. Read Sample.