The Atlantean Horse By Cheryl Carpinello – Pump Up Your Book Tour

The Atlantean Horse (The Feathers of the Phoenix – Book 1) By Cheryl Carpinello – Pump Up Your Book Tour. Genre: YA Paranormal/Supernatural. Ancient Mystery…Mystical Prophecy…Biblical Horsemen

One Epic Task

The Task: Retrieve the Five Feathers of the Phoenix to raise Atlantis so its people can return home.

The Chosen: Cousins Rosa & Jerome embark upon a perilous and personal quest to retrieve the first Feather. Rosa’s special gift, kept far in the Past, will be revealed, and Jerome will discover his.
The Opponents: The Four Deadly Horsemen of the Apocalypse will stop at nothing, not even murder, to possess the Feathers.

Join Rosa & Jerome as they risk all in their search for the First Feather!
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