Osm The Osmium Horn Unicorn

Osm’s Story

Osm The Osmium-Horned Unicorn From The Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns Book

Osm the unicorn with the multi-metal horn tipped with Osmium is the most awesome of all unicorns. This iridescent blue metal horn unicorn from Unimaise has the magical ability to make objects weigh 100 times their original weight. This has stopped the forward movement of many battle hardened troops. The osmium tip of his horn is so shiny that it can be seen glinting from miles away. Up close, when wielded as a wand it has been known to temporarily blind enemies.

So, what makes Osm the unicorn with the multi-metal horn tipped with osmium so awesome? To begin with, unicorns are already pretty awesome creatures with their magical abilities and healing powers. But when you add in Osm’s unique abilities, you get a unicorn that stands out even among his kind.

First, the ability to make objects weigh 100 times their original weight is nothing short of incredible. Imagine trying to move a boulder that weighs 100 times what it normally would. This ability has proved to be incredibly useful in battles, as Osm can immobilize entire armies just by touching their weapons or armor with a blast from his horn. It’s no wonder that many enemy soldiers have retreated in the presence of Osm.

But Osm’s horn isn’t just useful in battles. It also has the power to temporarily blind enemies when used as a wand. This is a particularly clever trick, as it gives Osm an element of surprise in combat. An enemy may not expect to be temporarily blinded by a unicorn’s horn, and this can give Osm the upper hand in battle.

Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of Osm is the osmium tip of his horn. Osmium is one of the densest materials on earth, and is also incredibly rare. In fact, it’s estimated that there’s only enough osmium in the entire world to fill two or three swimming pools. This makes Osm’s horn quite a valuable object, not to mention that it’s also incredibly beautiful. The iridescent blue color of the horn is said to be mesmerizing, and the shine from the osmium tip can be seen from miles away.

All these abilities and characteristics make Osm the unicorn with the multi-metal horn tipped with osmium truly unique. But what makes him even more awesome is the fact that he’s a unicorn. Unicorns are symbols of purity, innocence, and magic, and have been part of our cultural imagination for centuries. The addition of a multi-metal horn and unique abilities only adds to the mythos of unicorns.

But Osm isn’t just an awesome creature because of his physical attributes. He is also known for his kindness and compassion towards others. Unicorns, in general, are thought to be gentle and loving creatures, and Osm is no exception. He’s known to use his abilities for good, helping those in need and protecting the innocent.

So, in conclusion, Osm the unicorn with the multi-metal horn tipped with osmium is without a doubt one of the most awesome unicorns out there. His unique abilities, stunning appearance, and compassionate nature set him apart from his kind. Osm is a testament to the power of imagination and the wonder that magical creatures can bring to our lives.

In the Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns, readers are briefly introduced to Osm, the Osmium Horned Unicorn. Osm is one of the metal horn unicorns featured in the Journey To Osm collection of books by Sybrina Durant.


No Metal No Magic - Osm, the magical Osmium-Horned Unicorn introduces this Noble Transition Metal element 
from the Periodic Table to readers of Magical elements of The Periodic Table
 - Presented Alphabetically By The Metal-Horn Unicorns. This unicorn can do it all! Osm has the powers of all the metal horn unicorns.

This is the front side of the game card for Osm the Osmium Horned Unicorn. Click the pic to take a look at all the fun info on the back. Use it as a memorization tool, a trading card or as science class prizes and rewards.

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The Metal Horn Unicorns Make Science Magical

This periodic table reference page is brought to you by the Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns book. They say, “No Metal – No Magic…and No Technology”.

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns. They say, "No Metal No Magic...and No Technology". Written by Sybrina Durant with Illustrations By Pumudi Gardiyawasam.

In this unique alphabet book, members of the Metal Horn Unicorn Tribe present 26 Magical Elements of the Periodic Table in alphabetical order.  Each member of the tribe has a metal horn and hooves. They also have magical powers based on the properties of their metals.
Alumna starts out the book by introducing the very necessary metal, aluminum, on her element page. Dr. Zinko rounds out the alphabet by presenting facts and other fun information about the metal, zinc, on his element page.  Other members of the Metal Horn Tribe from Unimaise, plus some of their magical elemental friends, will give some great insight into the properties of 23 additional pure metals from the periodic table. 

There is one special unicorn in the book whose horn and hooves are an alloy created by combining copper and zinc. Cornum, the Brass Horned unicorn will reveal some interesting things about that metal.
While not all elements in the Periodic Table are represented by letters of the alphabet, some in this book, are introduced by alternate designations.  For instance, Tungsten is also known as Wolfram so “W” is used as the entry for that alphabetical letter in this book.  The letter “W” is also used as the atomic symbol for tungsten in all periodic tables.
Each element page in this book contains terms that might not be completely familiar.  Refer to the definitions in the back of the book to get a clear understanding of each meaning.  There is also a fun unicorn themed Periodic Table at the back of the book. 
The Metal Horn unicorns from Unimaise and their other techno-magical unicorn friends are the perfect group to introduce you to metals and other elements in the Periodic Table.  Hopefully the Magical Elements of this periodic table book will spark an interest in the magical and real world properties of all the metals and other elements known today.  You may be surprised at how prominently they feature in our every day lives.

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The Magical Unicorn Elementals from the book, Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns written by Sybrina Durant and Illustrated by Pumudi Gardiyawasam

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Inter-Active Unicorn-Themed Periodic Table from Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by The Metal Horn Unicorns

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Unicorn-themed periodic table from the book, Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically by The Metal Horn Unicorns. Get the 24 x 36 poster for your classroom or your kid's room.

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Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns

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