Cretaceous Canyon By Deborah Sheldon – Silver Dagger Book Tours

Cretaceous Canyon By Deborah Sheldon – Silver Dagger Book Tours. Genre: Horror, Action, Adventure, Dinosaur Lost World. A team on an expedition to explore a mysterious canyon in the Australian outback encounters Cretaceous-era dinosaurs. Australia’s outback hides a mysterious canyon. Hidden deep within is a forest of pine tree that dates from the Cretaceous Period. A megacorporation sends in a team of experts to research this canyon for botanical riches.
The expedition enters a no-man’s land formed 100 million years ago when Australia was still attached to Antarctica, and dinosaurs ruled the super-continent. But the canyon has more prehistoric and dangerous species than anyone could have possibly imagined.
Trapped and terrified, unarmed and unable to communicate topside, the team’s extraction deadline is six long hours away.
The frantic race for survival is on. Read Author Interview and Enter Giveaway.