The Retreat To Avalon By Sean Poage – Silver Dagger Book Tours

The Retreat To Avalon – The Arthurian Age (Book 1) By Sean Poage – Silver Dagger Book Tours. Genre: Arthurian Historical Fiction Adventure. Fifteen hundred years have turned history into legend…

After three generations of struggle against ruthless invaders, Britain has finally clawed its way back within reach of peace and prosperity. Across the sea, Rome is crumbling under an onslaught of barbarian attacks, internal corruption and civil war. Desperate for allies, Rome’s last great emperor looks to Britain and the rising fame of her High King, Arthur.

Arthur believes the coming war is inevitable, but many are opposed. Dissent, intrigue and betrayal threaten to tear the fragile British alliance apart from within, while the enemies of Britain wait for the first sign of weakness. Read interview with author and enter giveaway.