Spring Picture Book Giveaway

Spring Picture Book Giveaway. What’s Being Given Away? 30 Children’s Picture Books and more! ­

I Love You To The Moon And Back By Kari Carr

Peace and Quiet By Melanie Moyer

Eel’s Book of Mermaid Jokes By Tamara Rittershaus

Aiden The Wonder Kid Who Could Not Be Stopped By Colleen Brunelli

Melody The Unicorn and The Beauty Within By Subani Maheshwari

My Friends and I By Life Is Better With Friends

ABC and 123 With Andy and Cory By Diana Delrusso

Dinosaur Friends – A Present For The Volcano By Lois Wickstrom

Ten Little Sandpipers – A Counting Book By Kim Ann

I Can Handle It By Ms Laurie Wright

There’s A Roly Poly In My Pocket By April Eckert

Help! I Turned Into A Cupcake By Linda Robinson

Budding Flowers Breezy Days By Essie Bell

The Fish and the Underwater Bird By Barbara Pinke

My Very First Friend By Kristina Sheldon

B is for Breathe By Dr. Melissa Munro Boyd

Jack’s Farm Adventure By J.P. Anthony Williams

Cob and the Kingdom By Leigh Ann Hughes

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns By Sybrina Durant

Signs of Spring By Laura Dempster

Old Oak and Little Pumpkin By Linda Bryce

Molly Morning Star – Carnival Girl By Andrea Coke

VJ and AJs Adventures – Our Family Vacation By

What’s An Ail? By Mary Barry

My Violin Is Not Broken By Evelyn Grundy

Little Bee’s Day In The Garden By Shannon L. Mokry

The Boy Who Burped By Beth Lewis
Giveaway Includes 30 picture books, 5 crafts, a craft apron, a paint palette and sidewalk chalk.

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Winner will be drawn on May. 1st, 2023.

Valentine’s Day Picture Book Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Picture Book Giveaway. What’s Being Given Away?15 Children’s Picture Books and more! ­Nana’s Precious Kittens By Diana DelRusso, I Love You To The Moon and Back By Kari Carr, Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room By Sybrina Durant, Baby Worries By Frances Mackay, Blurry – The Epic Hunt For Bigfoot By Kahi Aspelund, There’s a Spider in My Bathtub By April Eckert, Peace and Quiet By Melanie Moyer, Ruby the Rainbow Witch by Kim Ann, It’s Okay to be You By Brittney Traudt, Let’s Make A Rainbow By Susan Rose, Little Rabbit Discovers Spring By Cheryl Jordan, The Fish  Who Wanted To Dance With The Stars By Barbara Pinke, Maybe I’ll Be An Architect By Tenille Bettenhausen, What’s an Og? By Mary Barry, I Am Sequoia – A Pinecone’s Adventure By Eric P Clanton.  Giveaway Also Includes 2 felt art crafts, a craft apron, a paint palette, stickers, wind chime paint craft, color marker craft and mailbox project. Winner will be drawn on Feb. 1st, 2023.